Thoughts From My Kentucky Mission Trip

I am writing this post while traveling back from Kentucky and I just want to share some thought about my experiences during the past week. We traveled to eastern Kentucky with a group from our association for a week of ministry to the community there.

We distributed food bags, hygiene kits, school supplies, clothes, and shoes to those in need in that community. We held VBS at the community park every day for the kids and had crafts, recreation, class, and music. One of the ladies in our group is a professional hair stylist and was able to provide more than sixty haircuts to men and women in the community, and some of the guy with us changed the oil and performed other minor maintenance on the people’s vehicles. Most importantly, we did all of these things out of love and for the glory of the Lord Jesus. Our desire was to show the people in the surrounding community the love of Jesus, the same love that was shared with us. During the week we have several people make a profession of faith in Christ; we also had the opportunity to plant some seeds and water others.

One encounter that comes to mind is with a man whom I will call Fred. We met Fred while we were going out into the community prayer walking and witnessing. Fred had a stroke about six years ago, is disabled, and lives in a government subsidized housing complex in the community we were in. During our first day out we didn’t get to speak with Fred personally, but a friend who was taking care of him who was outside of his apartment. His friend told us a little of Fred’s story and we prayed with the friend and went on. The next day we found ourselves back in the complex handing out hygiene kits (consisting of a towel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) and stopped at Fred’s apartment. This time, his wife answered the door and invited us in. Inside we met Fred who was dressed in a hospital gown and seated in a wheelchair. As we spoke with Fred we learned more of his condition. We also learned that while in the Hospital recovering from his stroke Fred has trusted Christ and was baptized in a tub at the Hospital. As we spoke with Fred he shared how the Lord had been faithful to him throughout his recovery and how the Lord had brought him peace, joy, and comfort. It was so encouraging to hear how this man had met the Lord in a hospital and stood faithfully on Jesus’ promise to never leave nor forsake us, His people. This man, who is mostly confined to a wheelchair, did not complain about his situation or act downtrodden, but he was full of joy and thankful for all that God had done in his life.

There were countless other things I want to share with you all, and may share more over the next couple of days. I hope that Fred’s story has blessed you as much as it did me. It never ceases to amaze me that even when we go in the name of Jesus to minister to other people we end up getting ministered to. God is Good!

Originally published at on July 23, 2010.

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