Pillars of Culture


I rarely invite myself over for dinner, but Kasia and I are coming. The date and menu are up to you. I can promise to bring a touch of cheese smuggled into the state from my families farm (stbrigidsmeadows.com) and perhaps some fresh sourdough from our tiny oven (unless this is a home void of gluten, in which case the cheese will have to suffice.) The party gifts for your guests will include plates and books — which specific items from your collection you would like to pass on is also up to you.

Discussion topics can range from building better ways to close the gap between youth and the circle of power, former escapades across the globe, and the history of Alaska. Politics, however, will be avoided at all costs as it has been proven to make people dumb if discussed at length.

I will await your response, but I will clear my calendar in anticipation.

With warmth and gratitude,

Henry Hundt

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