Health Thots

Yep, that is how you spell it. Its that inner voice of wisdom that we all have. Think of it as a thought flash or a really good idea that comes to you out of nowhere and quickly disappears.

It can be an amazing idea in the middle of the night or even mid day. They are the thoughts we must write down or they are gone.

I had one today while I was sitting in class about health. I was sitting there and I started contemplating what is it? Is it just feeling good, an absence of pain and what does pain consist of.

So far I’ve decided that health isn’t just about pain or illness. Its a lifestyle, a conscious decision that we make every day. To be healthy or not to be. It also comes in multiple forms. I believe there is a physical, mental and emotional aspects to health. It is something we must work at everyday and is who you are; a healthy person. That doesn’t mean its always easy, but the work that it requires is more than worth it in the end.

I ask you…

What is health to you?

What do you do to maintain and improve your health?