Crypto Wall Street’s Latest Little Secret: MASS Token

If you heard of Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates, then you know they are the largest hedge fund in the world. Unlike Bridgewater Associates, which trades and invests client funds in equities, bonds, and other traditional securities, there is a budding hedge fund emerging from the cryptocurrency world, named MASS. MASS trades cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings, or ICO’s, which are the equivalent to IPO’s of this new high-growth crypto asset class. Essentially, MASS takes client money, in the form of Ethereum (or ETH), and uses the funds to buy and sell other cryptocurrencies for a profit. And as most of us know, cryptocurrencies is a young and rapidly growing asset class that has yet to scratch the surface on the potential positive economic effects it will have on the world.

How You Make Money

There are two ways of profiting from MASS Tokens. The first involves ETH payouts. The fund will allocate a portion of investment/trading profits to be paid out to MASS Token holders based on ownership of the fund. So, for instance, if you buy 1 million MASS Tokens, you will get 1/61 of the fund’s pay out profits, in ETH, on a set timely basis. This is very much attuned to the dividends shareholders receive when they own stock in a corporation, or shares in a mutual fund.

The second way of profiting from MASS involves the capital appreciation of the tokens. There will only be 61 million tokens created, ever. As the hedge fund gets bigger, with more profits and rapid growth, the demand and value of MASS Tokens will increase. Think of these tokens as shares of stock in a super high growth IPO.

Combine the above two ways, and we essentially have a super high growth IPO that pays periodic dividends, in ETH, to investors. And let’s not forget that ETH is also a growth asset class, in itself. So, we are getting two growth vehicles with one investment.

How to Participate

There is a current pre-sale, which allows early participants to purchase 1,000 MASS Tokens per one Ethereum. There is a 30% bonus for pre-sale purchases. This means each ETH will accumulate you 1,300 MASS tokens. The pre-sale ends next Sunday, so it would be prudent to get in now if you should be interested in participating in the upside gains of MASS.

After the pre-sale, MASS will ICO. At this stage of fundraising, new ICO participants will receive a 20% bonus for every ETH they contribute into the MASS ICO. This means one ETH will get you 1,200 MASS Tokens. This is still a very good deal, but not as good as the pre-sale. This 20% bonus is only valid up to the first 5 million MASS Tokens sold in the ICO. Subsequently, the next 10 million tokens will generate ICO participants with a 10% bonus. The remaining tokens will be sold at 1,000 tokens per one ETH.

*Again, please keep in mind there is a limited quantity of 61 million tokens.

MASS Tokens can be purchased here:

The MASS Team

The team behind MASS Token includes four major players.

Clinton McLeay has 25 years of experience with computing, system security, and Linux based systems. He has built complex custom system solutions for Fortune 500 companies, such as MASCO and MGM Grand, and governmental organizations, such as the City of Southfield in Michigan. He has even built secure computing systems for celebrities, like Ozzy Osbourne. Clinton has a voracious appetite for learning new technology and can identify future technological trends with great accuracy.

Kris Borodiansky is a seasoned developer with 25 years of experience in computing, UNIX-based systems development and administration. For over 6 years, he has played noteworthy roles and provided expert consultation and development services to a number of major blockchain-based projects. Kris was also the first person to bring additional useful utilities to standard crypto wallets and will continue to develop great things in the crypto space.

Dennis Klungler is a system administrator with over 20 years of experience in server administration and process automation. In addition to his programming background in platform development for several multinational conglomerates, he has the understanding and experience to identify and resolve a range of multivariate issues that could occur in computer processes.

Kurt Knudsen has a wide array of relevant professional experience ranging from video game creation to software development, all the way to diverse server-oriented roles at a variety of companies. He is a computer engineer, who’s worked on hundreds of global projects, involving the building and maintenance of physical servers, Windows and UNIX-based development and security, and software application automation deployment.

In addition to this team of uniquely qualified individuals, the MASS team will be bolstered by an outside alliance of highly experienced consultants and advisors in the fintech and business space.

Other Features

There are other MASS features that will not be further discussed here, including Investment Voting, which allows MASS token holders to cast votes on cryptocurrency selection for future hedge fund investments, and cryptographic security, which is a high form of security that offers DDoS protection, VLANs, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities. Details regarding these and other features could be found in the MASS Token White Paper located here:

*Please note that all financial terminology written above are analogies used to better explain cryptocurrency vernacular. Cryptocurrency ownership is not the same as traditional equity investments.

Originally published at Henry Kwong, CPA.