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The Next Big Thing is Already Here

In a wide-ranging talk at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in November 2017, former Facebook VP Chamath Palihapitiya criticized venture capitalists who actively avoid industries poised for long-term growth, favoring fast success (and rapid failure) instead. Palihapitiya feels that the dominant industries of the future will be those focused on dealing with the world’s looming large-scale problems, such as climate change and the end of fossil fuels, as there’s very little room left for new ideas in the internet and attention economy.

Whether Palihapitiya is right about his choice of investment remains to be seen, but the next big…

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Illustration of product differentiation

Some businesses never seem to climb their way out of the bottom of the market. Some brands never get out of the dollar store, and some never get off the discount page on Amazon.

There’s usually nothing wrong with the products these businesses sell, but if they’re competing against half a dozen other similar products, there’s nothing that sets them apart from the rest of the market. In a commoditized market, customers tend to buy the cheapest box on the shelf. That forces businesses to compete by lowering the price, leaving profits razor thin.

A business that wants to avoid…

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Once, the idea of going international was a thought best left to big corporations. Technology has progressed to the point where someone can sell their crafted baubles or devices to people across the world. Your small medium business can do the same, if you know what to do.

1. Take Advantage of Global Marketplaces

While your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy, it likely doesn’t carry enough weight to facilitate international expansion. Fortunately, you have options. Most countries have a local online marketplace that you can use to test the waters. …

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The big problem with fighting climate change is simply that replacing fossil fuels is hard to do. If it was easy to solve it would’ve been done already. Because solving climate change is so hard, and because the solution is so needed, it means the solution is extremely valuable.

Replacing fossil fuels with new technology is the solution the future is looking for, and the investors and entrepreneurs who manage to create those new technologies will become rich in the process.

Why the Stock Market Might Push Businesses Out of Carbon

Getting rid of fossil fuels and carbon pollution requires new technologies if people don’t want to go back to…

Henry P Simangunsong

Business accelerator for sustainable innovation towards emerging ASIA. Interest with Clean Energy and Health Technology. Partner at Frontech Ventures.

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