Avoid Cart Abandonment with Magento Ask a Question Extension

Product Questions Magento Extension

Empty cart is something no online store owner wants. The target of every store is to provide its customers a good shopping experience and increase sales. Store owners are ready to install any extension or application which helps them achieve this target.

One of the most common reasons for cart abandonment is customer’s inability to find their answers about a product. When they are not provided complete product details in a good user interface, they don’t feel confident about buying the product. It’s important to adequately satisfy curious customers by getting all their questions answered about a product quickly & conveniently.

Magento Ask a question extension by FME allows store owners to create a dedicated FAQs page to display all their product specific and general policy questions . The questions can be displayed in an FAQ block anywhere on the website. You can divide the questions into topics and categories. Magento FAQs extension also creates a product questions tab on every product page along with an ‘ask a question’ form. Customers can use the ‘ask a question’ form if they don’t find a question they are looking for. It is used for quick product inquiries.

Magento product questions extension comes with some cool features such as FAQ rating, like/dislike & reply. Customers can rate a question, like/dislike it or reply to it. It helps store managers determine which questions are more useful. The extension has 5 unique themes which can be applied to the FAQs.

Another important feature is the generation of email notifications whenever someone interacts with the store & its FAQs. The email is sent to the customer and the merchant. You can customize the subject of the emails for better response. Other exciting features of this Magento extension are the following:

Set default topic/question on an FAQ landing page.
Ask question from product pages.
Advance SEO features embedded.
Multi-style inquiry form. 
Managing customer’s comments on questions.