Why me God, why me?

1961 Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia

My father had returned from work, one very hot summers day and decided we were to go fishing down at the creek. After fishing at the creek for some time, I got quite bored and started walking along the creek bank, it was rather beautiful the gentle sounds of the water running down the creek, and the unforgettable laughs of the Kookaburras. Then suddenly everything went quite. My surrounds started to fade to a yellow, bright yellow. I looked up in wonderment to see a shaft of bright light tear open the sky, I had to shield my eyes from this light, as it was just so bright. I noticed something starting it to fall from the shaft of light, this figure kept falling, until he was about three feet from me. The figure was a man, I looked from his feet to his face in ambition to better understand what I was seeing.

I remembered the image on the christmas cards that I had seen, this man had resembled them. It was god. His hair was all fuzzy, and parted in the middle, shoulder length and pepper grey with slight curls at the ends. His eyes were missing, nothing but two black voids. He had two black marks on either side of his face. His skin was brown, a light brown. I looked hard to where his eyes should have been.

I fell to my knees, as I said “I shall be good. I will look after the people.” I looked up to his feet, which were just an arm-length away. They were skeleton-like. The bottom of his tunic was water-lined, and aged, covered in patches of mud. A thick white scarf hung from his neck. I gaze at his face. He turns. He is returning to the sky. The sky was bright, I shield my eyes to catch a glimpse of his exit. The void in the sky closed like a curtain, and the light vanished. The sky resumed to a strange yellow colour, then back to normal and my sense of sound returned.

I turned and ran back home to tell my mother. She was in the kitchen. She said she had seen the yellow light.