The Animal-Free Food Movement Should Move Towards An Institutional Message
Jacy Reese

It’s hard to see how institutional messaging calling for an end to all animal farming will persuade those who aren’t all would not be convinced by individual vegan messaging.

Someone not inclined to be vegan themselves, will face enormous cognitive dissonance and potential for motivated reasoning in the face of institutional messaging which says that all animal farming should be ended. It will be pretty clear to this person that the implication is that the meat which they’d could not be (and should not be) produced. It’s hard to see how someone still unpersuaded that they shouldn’t eat bacon thinking that they should campaign for all animal products production to be ended.

Of course, people might fatuously accept vague institutional messaging like ‘let’s disrupt agriculture’ if the implications aren’t clear, but if they still wouldn’t support ending all animal agriculture then it’s hard to see the benefit.