Car Detailing at Home: You Must Read This

Cleaning and detailing of a car can be a daunting task, if you do not follow the process of detailing smartly. A systematic rejuvenation and protection is a must to make it a fresh new car.

Detailing of a car includes the sensitive and dedicated procedure of maintaining the actual look of the car- both from inside as well as outside. It actually requires a very careful cleaning.

How to detail a car?

Detailing a car requires going way beyond the standard vacuum and wash work. It means paying attention to the minor details that makes the car look appealing. When it comes to detailing a car, you need to clean the car from back to front without fouling up the things.

Car Washing at Home

Detailing Interior of the car

· Remove floor mats and vacuum them

· Clean the floor covering with foam using wipe or a cloth

· Wash elastic/rubber mats and dry

· Detail the car air vent grilles with detailing brush

· Clean the seats with shampoo or cleanser

· Spray glass cleaner on the glass or window and clean it with a microfiber fabric

Detailing exterior of the car

· Spray Acid-based cleaner to the wheel grim and clean it with a brush

· Wash the tires with whitewall tire cleaner

· Wrap electronic parts in plastic in the engine

· Clean non-metal areas with vinyl or elastic protectant

· Wash your car’s outer part with a car wash cleanser

· Clean the windows with glass cleaner

Although it’s very easy to wash your car with soapy water and a rag. But, if you really wish for a “sparkling new car”, then you need a professional Detailer to get the job done in a right way.

Remember! Doing it yourself may lead to disadvantages. Below discussed are the cons of car detailing at home with “DIY”;

Cons of car detailing at home

· Time consuming: Cleaning your car by yourself can consume a hell lot of time. As you are not an expert in cleaning the car, you might take few hours more or even a whole day as compared to an expert.

· Lack of professional look: Car Detailers use proficient evaluation detailing products, which will leave your car with an expert finishing. Though, while going for a DIY, you can’t get the ideal look the way you need.

· Chances of Damage: As you are not professional in the use of products, you actually don’t know which product is safe to use and which is not. If you are new to the practice, then you could harm your car’s paint and end up with paying more to an expert to settle it.

Importance Of Professional Car Detailing

Maintaining the car’s look doesn’t qualify as vanity, it’s smart vehicle ownership. You can hire a pro Car Detailer to take care of your car.

Professional Car Detailing Service

· Top notch car detailing requires a lot of persistence, experience, training, and mastery in the car servicing that a normal car owner is not capable of.

· Hiring a legitimate proficient car detailer, who represents considerable authority in only car detailing service can incredibly enhance the quality of the work and keep your vehicle maintained.

· An expert car detailer will go over each alcove and crevice of your vehicle, and take pride in paying a close attention to the details of the car.

· Proficient car detailers will again clean every area of the inside, from the grime in the crevices of the individual measures to the tiny eating parts in between the seats.

· Taking professional cleaning regularly keeps the vehicle’s resale value high. It is everybody’s fantasy to keep up their car in the same way as it was when it came out of the showroom.

Above discussed were the steps explaining how to detail a car, cons of car detailing at home, and the importance of car detailing. In case, you have any query regarding car detailing services, feel free to share in a comment below!