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I’ve decided to publish a book


For a long time I’ve wanted to publish a book, but I kept putting it off and making excuses. At the time I didn’t know why exactly, but if I’m honest with myself, the answer is fear.

I don’t actually know how many people would even buy a book if I published one, but I always assumed it would not be many. And though this was not really why I wanted to publish a book in the first place, it was reason enough to avoid it, too.

But when I think about why I originally wanted to publish a book, the reason is quite simple: I wanted to give my dad a book of stories. And though I’ve lost that opportunity now, I’d still like to publish something in his memory.

I like to think that would still be nice.


Would you be interested in a prospective book of Snippets? If so, please let me know; I’d be happy to send you one.

I have an image in mind for what I want this book to look like, because I want it to express what Snippets is for me. It might take some time, but I hope the end result will be interesting and unique.

To that end, I was thinking about posting updates once a month through a mailing list, which you can sign up to here if you like:

(Is there anything else you’d like in a Snippets email besides book updates? Random thoughts? Descriptions of Tokyo? Interesting articles? Book reviews? Music? Again, please let me know; maybe we can make this fun and interesting.)

I hope to hear from you on twitter or in the comments.


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