Chapter 1: The Beginning of an End
The world was once united as one, together, regardless of skin colour or races. But after the ‘Juion’ riot, all hell broke loose.
There lived 3 races, the Blueions, Jumans and Infurions. The Blueions were part dragon and mortal, they had nothing to prove other than their intelligence. The Infurions was a bloodthirsty race, they desired war and conquer the world. The Jumans only wanted a peaceful living, where everyone would come together and overcome difficulties. Though they had their differences, they decided to make peace and settle together on a super continent, Swasbak. Every year they would have grand events such as Dragon Racing and Qwuar — a competition where they fight to near death. However, the Infurions disliked the idea of peace. They were a bloodthirsty race and believed in Radrak, the God of War and Death. During the meeting of the three kings, the king of the Infurions — Fenrir, said something that would be forever etched into the Jacarà and Vicax minds. 'War is needed for evolution. This peace will not prevail.' Upon saying this, Fenrir left the room and gathered his people to move to Thantos, their previous homeland.
After the Infurions left, there was never a moment of peace. The Jumans believed the Blueions caused the Infurions to act like this, and the Blueions suspected the same of the Jumans. This led to strained relations and eventually, the death of a juman. It was murder. After the incident, a riot broke out. The Jumans pushed the blame and sent their army to the Blueions and the Blueions fought back with only wooden swords and shields. The leader of the Blueions — Vicax, fought head on with a Juman. Though managing to kill the Juman, his right eye had been slashed by the steel sword. Children, attempting to run away from the chaos, were shot down by archers.
Many died in the riot and only a handful amount of Blueions escaped to Fraygard, a secluded area that once belonged to their ancestors. The land was rich for agriculture, which was essential for the Blueions. Vicax, barely making it out from the riot, swore to get revenge for his wife and daughter. The Jumans celebrated with a great feast and party that the 'monsters' were now gone from their lives, little did they know that it was just the beginning.