They are Just a Bunch of Kids

After reading through the articles “Why Kids Sext” by Hanna Rosin, and “Blame Parents, Not Kids, for Sexting” by Leonard Sax it is clear that this day in age sexting is a huge problem. Maybe sexting isn’t a huge problem though. Maybe in todays generation that’s just how kids are. Sexting is an illegal act, but now a days it seems as if it is happening so much to the point where it has just become a normal part of this generations society. Sax presented the idea of parents monitoring their kids phones in his article, but honestly I don’t think that will do much. If kids know their parents are monitoring their phone they will just look for more ways to do things that the parents can’t see. Also they will be angry with their parents since they are invading their personal life. In my opinion parents shouldn’t be monitoring kids phones, and should just trust them. If their kid gets in trouble for something then the parents should punish them, and give them a reason to never do something stupid like that again. Sexting is almost looked at as normal in present times, and for that reason I don’t think kids should be able to get in trouble with the law for that. They are kids and they don’t think about the consequences. Family members should be able to punish their kids, but not the law. In todays society kids have seem to grown up much faster in terms of their knowledge with sexual terms. This could be a reason why sexting seems so normal and not bad to kids, and I think that is why they shouldn’t be able to get in trouble with the law. It is a parents responsibility to make sure their kid knows right from wrong, but kids shouldn’t have criminal records for sexting when they look at that as something normal in todays society. Overall, sexting is a problem within todays society, but maybe adults should start taking matters into their own hands rather than the law. After all, they are just a bunch of kids doing what they look at as a normal part of society.

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