4 Main Holistic Tips for Getting Through Detox for Women

There are many ways women in detox can recover from substance abuse, whether from alcohol or drugs, or both.

Women have special needs because of their unique hormonal system and the challenges in their lives as mothers, wives, workers, and nurturers. Alternative ways are usually gentler and non-invasive ways, such as the holistic way.

What does holistic mean?

When you say “holistic”, you merely mean that your body is looked upon as a whole system that must work well together — both mind and body — seeing beyond the injury or the disease.

In holistic women detox, disease is often termed as “dis-ease”, or a lack of ease and experience of chaos from within. As such, you must find the root cause of the “dis-ease” and return to wholeness which is a return to balance.

What the holistic approach can do

When you look at the whole body as an intricate system wherein all body parts and organs must function well as parts that make the whole, you will be focused mostly on following these four tips:

1. Cleansing. An herbal colon cleanse can be an excellent way of healing the digestive system. Your body will heal better and faster, and you will feel lighter and stronger. Stress is the biggest factor in disease and substance abuse. When faced with great stress, the body can shut down or take to the bottle, to drugs, or even to food for temporary escape or relief. Of course, an herbal colon cleanse can only be given if your immune system is strong to begin with.

2. Nourishing. After a thorough cleansing of the intestines, you will have to drink lots of purified water to hydrate yourself. Sleep and rest more so your body can repair itself. Similarly, detox for women means you eat lots of vegetables and fruits for strength and cell regeneration.

3. Focusing. Focus on healing and complete recovery. Think good thoughts that make you smile. Keep wonderful pictures of your loved ones by your side. Keep your heart warm and alive by only focusing on health, happiness, and healing.

4. Nurturing. You must keep on this path for as long as it takes, for relapses will be disastrous. Join group therapy, art therapy, or even journaling so your mind can grow new heart and insight and never be depressed again.

Keep gaining good ground by being consistent with this holistic detox for women. Love your mind and your body — it’s really the only one you’ve got! Health, happiness, and healing are truly within your reach.

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