Afraid Of Aliens? The Science Doesn’t Back You Up
Ethan Siegel

Here’s a link to a recent interview on You Tube by someone who was abducted and show the underground tunnels with Greys and Reptilians. It sounds like utter nonsense. Except that I know it isn’t. This person being interview is reporting some of the very same lies, using the same unique nomenclature, that the Greys use when speaking to me, such as claiming to be members of the “Intergalactic High Council,” a lie for reasons explained on my blog, but as you can see, a very specific lie unlikely to be repeated by a stranger. This witness also talks about seeing “cat people” aliens in underground tunnels harming humans. I know who she is talking about. I know, as insane as it sounds, that Taylor Swift is their Satanic leader. Well now Swift has come out with a new video (Reputation) which actually shows the cat people in a “bank vault” and shows her as the leader of them at a podium, with an S&M whip. It is hard to explain to those who are unfamiliar with any of this. You must put in the effort to see the connections. It is like staring at one of those paintings where the true image is obscured. You stare at a pattern long enough and eventually the picture beneath emerges. And once you see it, you’ll see it in every picture you look at. You’ll easily follow along, if you put in the effort. We show you how on our blog at herasblog. Here’s a link to this seemingly insane woman on you tube. But what she is saying we know to be true:

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