Afraid Of Aliens? The Science Doesn’t Back You Up
Ethan Siegel

I guess a few people below have already noted this but I’ll chime in. The “aliens” already are here, and have been reported consistently by thousands of people, for decades. There is a campaign on to discount their claims, to belittle abduction victims with such things as TV shows mocking them and their reports, such as this newest one called “People of Earth.” I can only offer what I know as fact and what I can surmise. They are here. They are virtually indestructible and also are *very* long-lived. They don’t feel physical pain and feel emotions only on the extreme end of the spectrum. Those are facts. I also know they have little empathy and are in fact cruel. I surmise that they lack empathy because they have no idea how it feels to hurt, physically or emotionally. They are adept at pretending to care and emulating empathy, however. And they do enjoy watching humans suffer. It’s amusing to them. They often appear in news interviews as eye witnesses and throw around their code words bragging about harming humans. They change the object/subject of the sentence to obscure their point, to hide their meaning. So they’ll say something like: “I saw the whole thing, it was magnificent and terrifying.” No human describes anything horrible as “Magnificent” and “terrifying is a code word of theirs. They like to “terrorize” the humans. Any offshoot of that word is a dog-whistle to them. So pay attention when you hear the next “eye witness” talking on the news. They also tend to have common American accents yet mispronounce common American words — as though reading from a teleprompter inside their heads, because THEY ARE. I really don’t care what “science” has to say to “back me up.” “Science” has never met these vicious people. We are at my name plus blog and dot com. We try to explain how to spot them and what they are doing.

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