An Introduction to Imago Therapy for Couples

Herb Tannenbaum, Ph.D., established his River Edge, New Jersey, psychology practice in 1975. Since that time, Herb Tannenbaum, Ph.D., has provided individuals and couples with a variety of mental health services and support. Dr. Herb Tannenbaum excels in providing couples with imago therapy services.

Thousands of couples around the world have already enjoyed the benefits of imago, a proven style of relationship therapy. Prior to seeking a psychologist who excels in the practice of imago relationship therapy, however, couples should familiarize themselves with the style.

Imago relationship therapists adhere to the principles of imago dialogical therapeutic teachings. These teachings assert that an individuals understanding and expectations of romantic love are rooted in beliefs they formed as a child. At a young age, individuals observe how love is demonstrated and communicated by parents, family members, and other adults. Later in life, they seek out relationships that provide opportunities for similar forms of love. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in conflict, as individuals may have grown up observing ineffective or unhealthy relationship patterns.

A result of modern understandings of the relational paradigm, imago processes can be applied to new couples, married partners, or even relationships with business associates. The primary objective of an imago therapist is to open new, more effective lines of communication between individuals. Participants in an imago therapy scenario are encouraged to face points of conflict head-on.

Rather than simply address and repair issues, imago therapists value relational conflicts as opportunities for personal growth. By moving forward, couples not only clear up longstanding issues but forge a stronger relationship. To learn more about imago therapy or to find an imago therapist, visit

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