Tips To Get The Best Car Leasing Deal

There is a great appeal when it comes to car leasing in Dubai. Anyone can use 6 simple steps to rent a car in Dubai. For instance, the monthly installments are very less as compared to financing a new purchase; often, the down payment is also very less. The car is brand new and the warranty of the manufacturer covers it. There are various benefits of car leasing but at the same time, there are various pitfalls also. Obviously, things are not FREE. Given below are some tips that can help in getting the right deal for car rental in Dubai.

1. The purchase price of the vehicle must be negotiated before buying the car. After getting a firm price, leasing option should be thought of. It is a form of financing itself.

2. The down payment, mileage limit and the purchase price should also be negotiated. Just like loan, the more you put, the less will be the finance charge.

3. The lease money factor must be negotiated. Determine the monthly payment and also take into consideration the interest rate.

4. If the insurance is not included in the lease, you must go and include it. Use Guaranteed Auto Protection for protecting yourself. This will be very useful in case of theft of the car or if the car is totaled in the accident.

5. For keeping low monthly payments, check out cars that aren’t depreciating fast than the average. Usually, the model pages include the owner cost-ratings and also a detailed information about the depreciation costs and other factors.

6. Leases that are extending beyond the factory warranty of the car must be avoided. Prediction is a KEY appeal of the lease and it should be handled accordingly.

7. Fees and end-of lease procedures must be noted down. Sometimes, the agreement requires you to return the car with new tires. Ensure that the fees and policies are fair and clear.

8. Extra miles must be purchased up front if you expect to run it over standard allotments. Often, money is spent on unused or additional miles; this proves to be disappointing, isn’t it? For mileage overage, increased rates have to be paid. Keep these things in mind while dealing with rental car in Dubai.

9. Ensure that there is deduction of the trade-in from the capitalized costs of the leased car.

10. If you consider purchasing after the end of the lease, ensure that the vehicle is surely worth the price at which it is purchased. Often, this isn’t the case. Yes, sometimes, the residual value is artificially raised. If the worth of the vehicle is less as compared to the buyout price, bargaining must be done for the price; if you simply can’t it is better to walk away.

Leasing is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, for those customers who want to be in a new vehicle by bearing good ownership costs, it is indeed a great option. Ensure you are understanding all the terms and also the ways to negotiate.

Check some car buying advice as it might surely help in getting the best one.

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