It Takes More Than Love

As I sit here all alone and wonder “Is this thing on?” I always wonder whats heard when I use my words…or other people’s words…or in general, what message gets across if only one voice is heard? What message ever gets across? I dont know. Its as if communication has become my enemy instead of my friend. Its as if there’s no way to say “I want to help” without at first admitting there is a problem. The problem is do we even realize a problem exists? The problem is do we even realize how often singular choices continuously split us apart or do we just continue to try to please others without first understanding our purpose? Is it a relationship for 2 people to grow or a relationship based on a previously determined path? Is it based on the male doing one thing and the female doing one thing or is it a variety of things done by two people to make it work? So as I sit here single, I ask myself, what is the true purpose of relationships? What is the true purpose if the interest in me cant go beyond deeper discussions? What is the true purpose if its all based on being right or moral victories or feeling like you belong or are loved, and not learning about each other as we go along? A sign of love is sacrifice and in me I make a plethora of sacrifices because I know what those before me sacrificed in order to create the concept of family…its not being blind sided or well “just do it for me if you love me,” its two people working together for a common goal. It takes more than love…it takes consistency, effort, energy, wisdom, listening, among other things. And most importantly, theres accountability. I hold myself accountable for a number of actions by default, I fix what needs to be fixed and I move on. Its either a lesson or a blessing, either way, Im thankful. Application is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to solutions because it takes time. And most folks are like “I dont have time” but if thats the feeling, imagine what you do have time for? And make time for? And give your free time to? Because after all, we all do what we WANT to do, not necessarily what we NEED to do. And thats where my mind is…it takes more than love to be in an actual relationship. Love is great, its awesome, but sometimes it just flat out sucks. The End.

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