Steelers Draft Needs and Wants

With April approaching, the NFL Draft is being more and more talked about. It is exactly only 1 month away starting April 30th - May 2nd. Mock drafts by NFL experts are popping up constantly, and the evaluation of all of the players are getting more intense and interesting to read into. With that being said, some fans can kind of get an idea of what they think their team will do once the NFL Draft is finally here, and other teams seem to be unsure or not giving any hints to what their draft plans may be. Some picks seem to be obvious such as the likely chance that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could draft the controversial QB out of Florida State, Jameis Winston. Other prospects such as Marcus Mariota seem to be spread out everywhere and most are unsure of where they think he will land as the draft gets closer. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you kind of have a sense that they will intially target their secondary issues and draft a safety or corner, but at the same time, I have a feeling of uncertainty and Im not 100% convinced that they will go that direction, at least in the first round. A player who is not in the secondary that I could see the Steelers try and target if still available is Randy Gregory the OLB/DE out of Nebraska. Gregory was almost set in stone to be a top 5 pick, until recently he revealed that he failed a marijuana drug test at the NFL combine. This ultimately hurt his draft stock, possibly slipping him down to Pittsburgh. It may be unlikely, but stranger things have happend. The Steelers also are really impressed and interested in Kentucky OLB Bud Dupree. This could also be a very reasonable and smart pick for the Steelers on draft day. Below Im going to list my top 6potential prospects that I feel like would be great for the Steelers in no specific order based off what I personally know and feel about the Steelers needs and are a reasonable pick at number 22.

  • Landon Collins, S, Alabama
  • Marcus Peters, CB, Washington
  • Bud Dupree, DE, Kentucky
  • Randy Gregory, OLD, Nebraska
  • Trae Waynes, CB, Mich St.
  • Jalen Collins, CB, LSU