Are You A Narcissist?

More importantly, what about me?

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“In true, narcissistic fashion, when my father was diagnosed as a narcissist, he called us all up individually to tell us… it was somehow affirming to him that, like, I knew it. I knew I thought I was great.” —Neal Brennan, 3 Mics

Narcissism is spreading.

It’s the first epidemic that our White House couldn’t even quarantine from.

How do you know if you’re a narcissist?

Easy — Venn Diagram Trump’s traits and your own. If you have more than 5 overlapping traits, then you’re probably a narcissist (or at least an asshole).

One of the common misconceptions about narcissism is that it is the same as vanity.

We all have some vanity. That’s human.

We’ve all taken a selfie — even if we decided to delete it immediately.

I’m not worried about looking in the mirror too closely. Or even liking my headshots too much. They came out great by the way.

I’m worried about looking in the mirror with too much delusion.

I’m worried that I see myself as better than other people.

I’m worried about wrestling with the little Trump inside of me.

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