Assessment Task 3

Sound /Ambience

Video 1: Karlheinz Stockhausen ‘Helicopter String Quartet’. Source: Youtube.
Photo 1: Haubenstock Ramati. Source: Google.
Video 2: Devonshire Tunnel. Video by Herlin 2016.

There are several techniques in the “Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Helicopter String Quartet” (Video 1), such as score produced by the chance encounter of unlikely sounds, as parts of a whole, and as an orchestra playing in the traffic. But the technique that has been used for this assessment was the ‘an orchestra playing in the traffic. The audio (Video 2) was recorded at Devonshire Tunnel in different times and days that have distinct instruments that have been played there. The recorded audio was edited in an application called audacity thus the audio will be based on the technique, which are the several instruments that have been played at the same time and also a part where the players seem like they are singing. The audio was drawn according to Haubenstock — Ramati (Photo 1) technique. Each of the lines and dots represents different instruments in the audio. The small squares and shapes that similar to them are depicting the first instrument, the ‘stairs’ and ‘nets’ are the second instrument, the curves lines symbolize the third instrument, and the long lines render the singing.

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