The Story of Hyper
Markus Gilles

Hyper’s value proposition of content curation was crucial to win the hearts of many of the people that watched the app and were fascinated by the daily selection of videos. Hyper got it: they understood the excitement of discovery. Something that not necessarily happens in Facebook and much less in platforms that have so many content that is hard for the users to even find it.

idealistically the model works. But in the startup world the race is about keeping active users so that the investment makes sense, but in my opinion the users come up rarely everyday, they might come in waves and browse the issues and relive the content. Although, the path is unclear right now, I’m sure that hyper will have a great success in the future if it decided to relaunch. Why? Because as a user that enjoyed not only watching the content but also showing the app to friends and relatives and getting the satisfaction of seeing the same expression of surprise and discovery time-to-time.

I do believe that there are things that need to happen if the engagement was to sustain itself, for example letting the users engage in the platform between themselves, and creating this niche community of content curators and constructors. Something like Reddit for video. A place where conversation start between user-user instead of user-content.

Thanks a lot for letting me discover so many interesting things and best of luck for the team.

One last note: it would be amazing if hyper left the issues open for the people to revisit them. Having them as a comic book collection, something that still produces value to the users. For new ones to eventually find what hyper created and know that something like this might happen in the future, and for old ones to keep the nostalgia. The top of heart going.

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