HERO Highlight: Casey Shares How He Manages His Medications

And Why He Needs a HERO

Casey recently ordered the HERO Smart Appliance and swung by HERO HQ to check it out in person. He’s a big fan of cool technology, and even bigger fan of things that make his life easy.

“This is going to save me a ton of time”, he said.

Casey, 48, lives in Manhattan and works as the director of research for an institutional brokerage firm. He was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder in his early 30s, and has been on a hefty medication regimen ever since. He was also successfully treated for thyroid cancer, which added a couple extra pills.

How many pills do you take every day?

6–7 pills at different times of the day. Keeping all of that organized is a challenge.

How do you keep it all organized?

I have a little pill bottle organizer in my night table. I keep the pills in the bottles, but the bottles are arranged in groups so I usually know when to take a certain pill. I do forget to take them sometimes.

What are you currently taking?

Synthroid and Cytomel for my thyroid and about 3–4 meds for my mental health issues. I get them mailed to my house from 2 different pharmacies.

Do you use any app or tools to help out?

No, I usually keep track myself. I just hate the actual bottles, sitting there an opening them. I also forget to refill on time so there are some periods where I’m stuck without my medications. Honestly, the whole thing is a pain in the ass.

What’s the number one reason you bought a HERO?

Making the process simple so instead of having to open 4 different bottles in the morning, I push a button and all my pills come out. That’s a huge improvement. Also getting an alert when I’m running low is important. I always forget to refill on time.

How can HERO impact your life?

For people with mental health issues like myself, the friction involved in taking medication can be overwhelming. We already have enough things to work through. We need less friction in the process. HERO cuts down that friction. It’s the type of proactive help that I need and that I can rely on.

Thanks for sharing your story, Casey. We look forward to seeing how HERO helps you.

Learn more about HERO, the smart appliance for managing medicine.

By Ali Zaman, Growth at HERO

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