Failure of Democracy

New Idea: Creating the United State’s Department of Engineers

The democratic election system has many improvements to come. But the philosophy of democracy has inherent weaknesses which we should understand and address. Some of the weaknesses of democracy were in the minds of America’s founding fathers who created a republic instead of a democracy. The core weakness of democracy is that people are not qualified to govern. The founding fathers created three branches of governments to provide checks and balances among the elected representatives. And they created qualifications for the various roles of government: including the voter. The most basic qualification which remains today is the age restriction.

The Age Restriction

An age restriction is an acceptable rule to most people. Do we really want six year old humans to be voting or running for office? Inherent within the age restriction is an underlying restriction on people who lack intelligence and experience. The founding fathers actually had rules restricting government access from poor people, slaves, and women. They did everything they could to keep government power in the minds and hands of people they deemed worthy of that power. They created a republic controlled by the aristocracy. And that is what remains today.

Checks and Balances

The founding fathers considered themselves to be more qualified than those people they restricted from voting. But even among qualified people — they understood that each human has various character traits and motivations. They understood that intelligence and success does not require morality. And for that reason they created checks and balances among the aristocratic republic with a multi-branch government system design. Since then we have ignorantly created many isolated branches of government and called them by different names — thus corrupting the system of checks and balances which was originally designed into our government. Among all of the various government branches and departments — there is none that is completely controlled by the people.

Addressing the Problems

The problems with democracy were understood by the founding fathers of the United States. And they addressed those problems in a way that was unique for their situation in history. Our current situation in history is very different. People of all backgrounds now have the opportunity to gain intelligence and experience which helps them to play a valuable role in government. But simply because the opportunity exists does not mean that all people seize that opportunity.

Qualifications for Government

Many people would resist any idea of removing someone’s right to participate in the current government system. And an intelligent strategy will recognize and respect this fact. We leave the current systems in place. But as we begin to improve the United State’s Government we can add new branches and departments of government which have different qualification rules. I am among the class of people who have a degree in engineering. Not only do I have a degree — but I also have an amount of experience and success. I propose that we create new branches of government whose participants correspond with the qualification systems which are already in place — namely the education certifications. A United States Department of Engineers would help in the responsibility for designing and developing new technological systems for the benefit of the country and the world. This should help to solve the current problem we face where groups of unqualified people are leading the design and development efforts for our future government systems.

Addressing the Lack of Checks and Balances

This is a tough one because the current system has been overrun and coerced by unqualified people for over a century. The result is a fractured government where the original three branches of government maintain some lesser degree of checks and balances than what was originally intended. But in addition we have multitudes of new departments acting in isolation without any amount of oversight. Corruption has taken hold. The only path forward is a change in philosophy toward transparency. The United States Department of Engineers mentioned previously would be responsible for overseeing every other department and branch of government because those would be the people most qualified to gain access to information which bad actors are attempting to keep secret.


I know that this Department of Engineers sounds like elitism because it is elitism. The engineers of our world are some of the most qualified yet overlooked minds. I have heard a professor ask: “If given a choice between your historian building your airplane or your aerospace engineer writing your history book — which would you choose?” The point of the question is that not all degrees and certifications are equal. This is not to say that all people with history degrees are inferior to all people with engineering degrees. I actually believe one side effect of this new branch of government would be that more people start off attempting to get an engineering degree before they pursue some other area of study — like history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that we have guided missiles and misguided men. Part of the problem is that the engineers building the missiles are not given the government power they deserve. If engineers were given the government power they deserve you would see an amazing leap in progress within a small amount of time.

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