Truth Warrior

I am thankful to have found Mike Cernovich, Scott Adams, Stefan Molyneux, and Jordan Peterson. I recognize these people to be both moral and smart. They actually appear to be greatly moral and greatly smart. I agree with Jordan Peterson’s definition of truth which recognizes the absolute truth is unknowable but some concepts are more true than others. Dr. Peterson’s definition of truth is deeply embedded with morality.

I tagged Mike Cernovich in this story because I hope I get his attention.


I enjoy watching you grow as a human being which allows me to learn and grow with you. You are great at marketing and networking. And I am impressed that you are positioning yourself for politics. The reason we need people like you in politics is because you can change that game. And it needs to be changed. I’m not talking about changing laws. I’m talking about changing the behavior of representatives.

You are a truth warrior. You live stream with your dog and your baby. We see the unedited footage. You understand the power of raw unedited information being given to the masses. And we don’t have that today in the political arena. We get people made up with makeup and costumes playing some character which is not real. It’s fake. You are already fighting the fake news with great success and I am ready to see a truth warrior in government fighting the fake government. I want to see someone fighting toe to toe against the people who are only pretending to be a representative.