The Dilemma of Online-Ads — Solved?

What if advertisements were not ads as we know them?


The advertisement industry appears to not understand the rules of digital marketing.

This would be not only in this case: Communicate the benefit for your audience!

Literally anybodie's audience does NOT benefit from knowing your brands name or the price of a featured product only.

They would for instance benefit far more, if they could learn, how a problem they have could be solved.


  1. A search in Google for the best consumer drone they could buy and start using right now.
  2. You pay Google for showing, that your company sells drones with your brands name in big letters attached to your ad.
  3. What if you could post an ad that shows: “Start using your new drone right now and what you must know!” Attached with a link to your landing page.
  4. How likely would the consumer klick on that “Ad” compared to the one with an image of a drone with your brand name attached to it? A valuable question, wouldn’t you think?


The sinking ship of banner ads could rise again and the race rabbit against hedgehog could end differently, if ads would become instruments that are used to provide benefit for the user and not only your company.

Why ads should be different to other channels of the content marketing industry? The latter mechanisms already work well and so ads and banners should follow the same agenda.

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