Will Leonard Fournette Win the Heisman?

For the past few seasons, Leonard Fournette has jumped out as one of the best running backs, if not the best, in all of college football. He has been electric on the field and helped carry LSU to some of their biggest wins over the past two seasons. He has even drawn comparisons to superstar NFL running back Adrian Peterson. But with all of this hype, is he a lock to win the Heisman trophy?

Fournette certainly has the numbers to be considered for the honor. As a freshman, Fournette was able to run for over 1,000 yards and get into the end zone 10 times. Those seem like pretty pedestrian numbers but he really took off during his sophomore campaign. Last season, he ran for just shy of 2,000 yards and scored 22 times. That is the new LSU record for rushing yards in a single season. This was also done while playing in the toughest conference in college football, the SEC.

While he seems to have the numbers to be a Heisman favorite, Fournette also faces some difficult obstacles in his quest. First, he does play in the SEC, which sports some of the best teams, and defenses, in the entire country. Fournette also has stiff competition. He will have to do better than fellow Heisman hopeful running back Christian McCaffrey, who has some explosive numbers himself, and new star quarterback for the UCLA Bruins, Josh Rosen. There is also the injury bug that Fournette needs to avoid to make sure he can put up the numbers he is capable of.

If he can overcome these obstacles and put up similar numbers to what he has in the past, he very well could be holding the Heisman trophy in December.