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Hero Tokens are changing…

On Tuesday the 10th of December 2019, there will be an exciting change to our project as Hero Origen Tokens (“Hero Tokens”) will migrate and become Raise Tokens.

When we first started on this journey as Hero Token, we wrote a white paper with the mission of creating financial transparency, efficiency and inclusion for all. At that time, we had no idea that we would be able to bring Raise to market so fast and although a great achievement, we regularly need to discuss and think about the future and what needs to be improved. …

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So a lot has been happening here at HeroToken and we’ve been focusing all our attention on boosting Raise and it’s profiles.

Friday updates have stopped…


Because we now have a fully functioning product and our marketplace is live. You can access this here.

So what am I missing?

A lot! We have made a huge amount of progress in the last 2 months and this has seen:

  • Record levels of volume on hitBTC with Hero Tokens
  • CMC information correct
  • CMC top gainers list — 2 months in a row
  • Raise fully functioning and users signing up and depositing
  • Borrowers onboarding to the…

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Hero Smart Contract Audit ​Summary


This document outlines the overall security of ​Hero​’s smart contracts as evaluated by Zokyo / Applicature’s Smart Contract Auditing team.

The scope of this audit was to analyze and document the Hero marketplace’s smart contracts codebase for quality, security, and correctness.

In our audit, we consider the following crucial features of the smart contract code:

  1. Whether the code is secure.
  2. Whether the code corresponds to the documentation (including whitepaper).
  3. Whether the code meets best practices in an efficient use of
  4. gas,​ code readability, etc.
The following main functional groups were reviewed:
  1. Subscriptions,which handles user subscription through deposits of HERO tokens and the referral program. …



HERO Origen Token: Promoting Financial Inclusion, Transparency, and Efficiency in Southeast Asia http://herotoken.io/

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