HERO Community Update (7th December 2018)

Dear Community,

December is a time of celebration and reflection. Various different religions and cultures from all over the globe will spend this month with their family and friends to celebrate their holidays before the new calendar year begins. This week, the first religion to start their festivities are followers of Judaism who celebrate the story of Chanukah. Behind the lighting of the candles, eating of fried food and chocolate there is the underlying story of how a small group of people hid away and eventually defeated their more powerful opponents.

We believe this is a significant story to Hero Token. Over the past few months, as we listened and understood our community, we have made various improvements, changes, and advancements in our processes that demonstrate how dedicated we are to communication, transparency and honesty in our processes and community contact. The feedback that we have received in the last few weeks is proof that, just like in the story of Chanukah, it is understood that when we seemed to be less talkative, it was as a result of hard work and planning taking place and occupying all the team’s focus. We are confident that we are now in the best position possible to “win our fight” by providing the world with the incredible product that we promised to deliver in our whitepaper.

Joining us on this mission is our latest team member, Daniel Martin Jimenez. With his invaluable technology experience and a strategic approach, the prospect of what Daniel can bring to the team has brought true positivity from all areas of our business. With Daniel on board our dev team is strong and surging ahead, but we continue to our next round of recruitment to bring even more good skills to the team.

Daniel working away on the backend of the Hero Product
Welcome to the team! What is your role here?

Thank you, I am thrilled to have joined Hero Token. I have been brought in as a Senior Software Developer and I will be helping develop the platform that Hero promised in its whitepaper.

What technology experience do you bring?

I live and breath technology! I have over 12 years of development experience and I even founded my own startup a few years ago. My passion is cutting-edge technology and I have always done what I can to ensure that I am involved in the most phenomenal projects. This has allowed me to follow a very extensive career path and I have experience within fleet management, IOT projects and chatbots amongst others. My previous role saw me work as a CTO, where I worked from the foundation of the company to build and develop my own team of 6 people. This experience was fulfilling and allowed me to constantly think about development, architecture and creation of the product that we were building.

Wow, so what made you decide to move from a CTO back into the development side of things?

I love programming and this is my true passion. The excitement and fulfilment that you encounter on the development side is something that brings me a great level of joy. When I was doing my role as CTO, I was always trying to wrestle with being a manager and doing the development because I knew the latter was where my heart was. If there were times where it was unfeasible for me to be involved on the programming element, I would find my own small projects at home and try to learn about new libraries and architectures and it made me discover where my long term career belonged.

But why HERO?

It is without doubt, that I believed the product that is being created at HERO will benefit so many people in Asia and I loved the thought of being involved from beginning. On a career level, I see this position as very challenging and a way for me to develop my skills. I have yet to be involved within the blockchain sector and so I know my technological skills are going to improve radically. I also believe that I will grow personally, from the moment that I met the team, I knew this was where I wanted to join. To be able to work with a group of vastly experienced individuals who collaborate so effortlessly as a team was an opportunity I could not miss out on.

A bit about you, what are your interests away from work?

I really enjoy arts and crafts. My partner and I regularly spend our free time painting, restoring old furniture and even create new items from recycled goods. It really allows me to express my creative side while making use of disused items that could harm the environment if left to rot. My newest hobby is based on a television show that I have been watching called ‘Forged in Fire’ and my goal for next year is to start a forging knives course in Barcelona as I have found the topic really interesting and would love to learn the skills needed.

Who is your HERO?

Elon Musk, I believe he breaks all the limits regarding imagination and how he works. The ideas that he has brought to life have been truly groundbreaking and I can’t help but admire someone who uses his mind to this extent.

Finally, tell us a fun fact!

My eldest nephew is 12 years old and I have never shaved in his lifetime. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to grow my extraordinary beard!

Thank you very much for the interview! We are delighted to have you onboard!

This week at Hero Token the team has been very busy. The final stage of our recruitment drive for 2018 is still underway and this week we interviewed some exceptionally talented people that has made the final decision of another hire more difficult. We will be reviewing the candidates in great depth to ensure that they will bring the right level of value for our product, our team and also for our community.

Despite the amount of time that interviewing candidates can take, we have also made even more progress regarding the creation of the product. There has been an exceptional level of work completed on the back-end of the platform.

Along with this, we can also reveal that the project and infrastructure framework is near completion. This is a vital stage in the design and architecture phase of building our product and we have reached this target at a faster rate than we originally anticipated. It is hard work, determination and our creative spirit that has allowed us to be in this position. We are very proud of the efforts of our very newly assembled tech team!

If you have any questions regarding this update or anything related to Hero Token, feel free to email us at hello@herotoken.io