HERO Token Community Update (March 10th)

Dear HERO Community,

As you may know, in the last 24 hours we distributed HERO to those whose accounts were verified before March 1st, with no dispute ongoing or problem reported, and those with transaction signature for those who didn’t buy with Ether. HERO was listed on a small but (very) fast growing exchange, QRYPTOS. We wanted to leave you with some food for thoughts about the token price. At the time of writing this blog post, there are buy orders for HERO tokens at a price of 0.0018 ETH. It is important to note that this solely shows the willingness of people to buy tokens and at what price and rather than being the value of your HERO token. That the trading price is below the ICO price can be explained by a combination of the following: a) ICO just ended and until the last day, February 28th, people were able to purchase tokens (hard cap was not reached) b) tokens have just been issued, everybody on Telegram and in the community have their tokens, therefore why buy more unless the price is attractive. Whereas the willingness to sell at a high price, and therefore the slight prominence on the “sell” side makes sense for everybody who holds HERO tokens right now. A lot of token holders would probably sell at 2x, 3x or 5x. Placing those orders therefore is totally legitimate. Now, when people argue that the trading price is below the ICO price, we have to start with what was the ICO price. Ethereum closed at $354.7 on November 20th, somebody who participated in the presale, remember minimum was 10 Ether with a bonus of 30% (first 3 hours) (10 * 354.7 = 3547.0 USD received 200 * 10 = 2,000 + 30% bonus = 2,600 HERO tokens) so effectively this person paid $1.36 per token. Whereas on the other hand somebody who bought on February 1 at a price per Ether of $1101.49 and 10% (no more minimum) paid $5.01 per token. Finally those who bought at the end of the ICO at a price of 870.44 USD per ETH and no more bonus paid effectively $4.35. Remember price per HERO was always 1 ETH = 200 HERO (plus applicable bonuses). It was a difficult call to decide at what price to list. Eventually together with the QRYPTOS team we decided to price at $4.7. Higher than what the average paid, providing a slight premium to those who participated during the ICO. So what happened today was that only (!) slightly more than 20,000 HERO tokens where both sold against each ETH and BTC. That is equal to 100 ETH each. This is nothing as compared to the 42,000 worth of Ether contributed during the ICO (less than half a percent). It would however make sense for referral participants, who potentially have their own expenses for marketing to sell HERO tokens at any price to cover their bills. Likewise it makes sense for somebody who came in in November during the presale to sell since Ethereum already appreciated 2x (during the ICO sometimes already 3x) against the price. This does not even take into account the current dip across the entire crypto market recently. It is not surprising to us that there are only relatively few buy orders and few people selling at a higher price. This shows that the big majority of HERO token owners are HODLing, which is the right thing to do in the absence of any major additional announcement since the ICO ended. We hope this explanation helps to understand today’s events. We are excited about the weeks and months ahead. It will be a long way to disrupt what banks couldn’t for hundreds of years but we accepted the challenge and out of it the HERO idea was born.

Thank you for your continuous support and trust. Have a good night.

Your HERO Token Team