Hero Token Community Update (November 9th 2018)

Dear Hero Community,

This week, the United Kingdom celebrated a half century tradition with ‘bonfire night’. Soon, the whole world will be seeing the firework of explosions made due to the positive work that we have been doing at HeroToken.

We are delighted to introduce the first of a series of Team Hero interviews. Everyone knows that vital work is being done in the Hero Team, and that we really value everyone who makes this team and the project progress so well. So, we wanted to give you a personal glimpse into the actual people that we are, and what makes us tick. Each week we will bring you a personal interview with each of our team members, where they will share some insights into who they are and why they are such great additions to Hero.

Based in our inspiring Barcelona office, pictured below, our team is collaborating and using their knowledge and prowess to create something really special. Despite being in the design stage of our product, the last two months has seen an exceptional level of progress due to the diligence of our CTO , Rosalyn Charlton, who will be our first interviewee.

Our inspiring workplace
Welcome Rosalyn! What is your role at Hero?

Thank you, it’s a great honour to be a part of this team and this project! I have joined the team as CTO (Chief Technical Officer), to lead our software development team and to steer the project to build this amazing Hero Lending Platform.

It’s exciting to have you! What is your experience in this field?

I have an extensive background in software development in the Fintech space and I am delighted that I can share my experience with the Hero Team. I have been running software engineering teams, divisions and projects for around 20 years (wow! Time flies when you are having fun!). The majority of my career has been spent in Fintech and more recently I moved into blockchain projects. My speciality is building and leading high-performance development teams and projects and I have a particular passion for creating effective and efficient environments which enable technical specialists to apply their skills to the best of their ability to create amazing products for our customer base

Interesting! What made you join the Hero project?

There are a few things that made me join this team and this project. Firstly, I love the idea of using blockchain as the powerful technical tool that it is i.e. distributed ledger technology as a trusted data store. The benefits of this technology are extraordinary and to be able to implement fully transparent, open and distributed financial systems on blockchain is very exciting. In my opinion, this is exactly the direction in which all financial systems will need to move in order to retain the integrity of their data and their transactions and as a result retain the trust of their customers. Those who don’t keep up will lose a vital edge over those who provide these readily available benefits provided by blockchain technology.

I have also been looking for a way to use technology (in particular blockchain) to bring assistance to those who need it. This project presented an opportunity for me to be able to use my experience, and the powerful technologies that are now available to us, to make a real difference in people’s lives.

The convincer, of course, was meeting the passionate team who are making all this happen! I couldn’t wait to be a part of that team.

On this note, what does promoting financial transparency and efficiency in emerging markets mean to you?

Having grown up in South Africa, I am very aware of the difficulties faced by those with no access to financial services, banking or trustworthy finance. There are a lot of incredible projects that have emerged over the last few years to provide mobile payment and transfer mechanisms for the unbanked in a number of emerging economies, however, none has really solved the problem of how to obtain funds in the first place aside from through wages. Wages alone do allow for growth, and usually only provide a subsistence. The Hero project combines the simplicity of a mobile application with easy access to credit and funds to facilitate actual growth and expansion in people’s lives, businesses, education etc. Combine this with solving the inevitable security and risk elements using blockchain, and we can solve real problems and bring about real change in people’s lives in a way that was never possible before.

That was a very passionate answer! but now…more about you personally…tell us something interesting about yourself!?

I have a fascination with the Aurora, known as the Northern or Southern Lights. After having little success chasing the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) many times in New Zealand and Tasmania while I was living in Australia, I was thrilled to be one of the few crazy fanatics on the meticulously-planned maiden “Flight to the LIghts” charter flight out of New Zealand to see the Southern Lights from above the clouds over the antarctic at night. The flight plan took us down to 66 degrees south where we spent a few hours flying back and forth across the date line watching the aurora dance around us in the sky. Words cannot describe it!

Now, living in the northern hemisphere, I have the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights as my target, and after a brief glimpse in Iceland I am looking towards chasing the lights in the Scandinavian night sky.

Have a look at here to find out more about Rosalyn’s flight to New Zealand!

That’s so cool! Tell us, who is your biggest inspiration? (Dead or Alive)

Thats easy — the artist Salvador Dali. I have been fascinated with his work since I was a child. To me, he represents the ultimate mix of genius and creativity while always pushing the boundaries of where imagination and reality collide. What a thrill to have moved to Barcelona, only a short trip to his hometown and the museum of his work!

And finally! Give us a fun fact!

Well this might only be fun for techies but the first person to be considered a computer programmer was a remarkable woman named Ada Lovelace back in the 1840’s when she designed the first algorithm to be carried out by an analytical engine. — hence the programming language, Ada!

Thank you for the interview, Rosalyn! We are delighted to have you on our journey!

We can also update you on a few more elements of progress that has been occurring this week at HeroToken.

As mentioned, we are based in an office in Barcelona in Spain. We searched and explored different countries and recent news has expressed that our decision to be based in Spain was justified. Click here to see a wonderful article that reaffirms why we were right to have chosen Spain.

The recruitment drive is progressing well and we have now completed the technical testing stage. We have been delighted at the excellent skills demonstrated by the candidates and the competencies our team will possess. This was the final stage for senior developers so we will be able to introduce you to our panel of technical experts very soon!

Finally, I am pleased to reveal that our newest Hero team member, Alvaro, has settled perfectly into his role. The technical focus has been our back-end software and progress has been solid. Upon this strong foundation the building of both an incredible technical team and a world-class product will continue to unfold.

If you have any questions regarding the Hero project, feel free to contact us via hello@herotoken.io