HERO Token Distribution

Last updated: Friday, March 2 4pm (GMT+8)

Read the latest update from March 7th here https://medium.com/@HeroToken/hero-token-distribution-aff74877d3f8

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you read the following very carefully before contacting us regarding your tokens.

First off all, we would like to thank over 10,000 Heroes that participated in the HERO token sale. For those who didn’t buy tokens yet, there are still a few hours left before the ICO ends tonight at 8 PM Singapore time (GMT+8).

Now, to answer the most important question: When will HERO tokens be issued?

The first round of HERO tokens will be issued by March 8 to contributors…

  • whose account status was VERIFIED before 00:00 AM Singapore time on March 1
  • who provided a valid signature and necessary information in case their contribution was not made with Ether
  • who did not report a problem with their transaction

The second round of HERO tokens will be issued by March 15 to contributors…

  • whose account status is still PENDING at 00:01 AM on March 1
  • whose account status is still UNCONFIRMED at 00:01 AM on March 1
  • who reported a problem with their transaction
  • who did not provide a signature and all necessary information for a contribution made other than Ether

Our team will do our best to check all remaining PENDING and UNCONFIRMED accounts and make sure they are VERIFIED by March 8. We will also review transactions and reported problems, and contact only those who we need additional documents from or have questions for by March 8. If you do not hear from us, this means that your transaction was successful and that you will receive your tokens by March 15.

Are there any exceptions?

No. You have until midnight to get your account VERIFIED. It is your responsibility to meet our KYC requirements. In the past week, we have constantly emailed every participant with a PENDING and UNCONFIRMED account status. It is important that you follow the detailed instructions provided in those emails, and that you email accounts@herotoken.io once you correct any mistakes in your account so our team can review it once more.

Read more here on the most common issues with accounts: https://medium.com/@HeroToken/account-verification-referral-update-65e088545b36

When will Referral Bonus Tokens be issued?

Referral program bonuses are expected to be distributed around March 15th. No KYC is required for those who receive free tokens for their support.

When will Bounty Tokens be issued?

Bounty participants will receive their tokens only after all members who participated in the token sale have completed their KYC and received their tokens, so that the total number of tokens sold can be determined which then provides the foundation to calculate the amount of tokens to be issued to bounty participants. Remember, the bounty pool is equal to 2% of all tokens sold. We were hoping that everybody would follow the instructions and complete the identity verification in time, but since this was not the case, all advisors, bounty participants and team members have to wait. There is no need for Bounty participants to undergo KYC. Stakes are updated in time for the token issuance.

In conclusion, we are working hard to issue tokens as soon as possible. Our team reserves the right to delay the second round of token issuance to those who did not complete the identity verification process in time, to those who did not provide a signature for a contribution made other than Ether, to those who sent their contribution directly from an Exchange, and others who did not follow our instructions. Please be patient as we have to manually review remaining PENDING and UNCONFIRMED accounts and their transactions.

Also, please refrain from sending unnecessary follow up emails or Telegram messages. If you made a mistake with your transaction you need to report it here https://goo.gl/forms/Rclb26xt5jTfeXFg1 only if your problem is not listed email tokensale@herotoken.io

How many tokens will I receive? I want to add my tokens to MEW. What is the token address?
Right now there are no tokens. Tokens are only minted when they are distributed on March 8th. As such you will only be able to see your balance and add them to MEW after they have been issued. We will provide additional instructions how to add your HERO tokens to your wallet such as MyEtherWallet and how to check the balance of your HERO tokens. Meanwhile you can calculate your balance yourself, 1 ETH or equivalent gets you 200 HERO tokens plus applicable bonuses.


❓How do I know my transaction was successful❓Please read this article bit.ly/2s42y7L

❓When Exchange❓HERO Token will start trading on March 9th on QRYPTOS. More exchanges will follow. Read more here bit.ly/2npz6U6

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