Hero Token Team Meets Apple Co-Founder

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Our team aims to keep our community up-to-date! Read on for the latest news on the Hero Token.

Website Design

The Hero Token website should be clean yet informative. Toffy, our design Hero, created new mockups that will improve the flow of key information in order to answer FAQs instantaneously. We are adding sections to accommodate details on the token sale. Moreover, we are increasing multimedia content, especially videos, for better understanding of Hero. Expect a new look at www.herotoken.io this week!

Bounty Campaign 2.0

Since we started, our bounty participants have been a huge help in bringing Hero closer to its goal. Some people felt that the bounty campaign is too long, and so, we decided to give our present and future bounty participants a boost. If you joined the bounty campaign, you may read this update: https://medium.com/@HeroToken/bounty-campaign-update-dec-6-2017-511e5407ac01

From Bloomberg to ANC’s MarketEdge Exposure

We promised you exposure! Yesterday we were live on TV once again. On ANC’s MarketEdge, David talked about the concept of Hero Token and its impact on the lives of millions of people in Southeast Asia. The interview will be available on our Youtube Channel soon. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Hero Token Goes to Japan

David, our founder, flew from Manila to Tokyo for the first leg of the Hero Token roadshow. He had the chance to meet noteworthy people in the Blockchain industry including fellow contributors who participated in the presale.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder. He shared key insights on innovation. Turns out, he too, is a big believer in Blockchain Technology.

David also met with QUOINE’s team namely, Mike, (co-founder), Katsu (CFO) and Seth (Global Head of Operations). For those who don’t know, QUOINE is one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges and the largest in Asia. Wait for further announcements regarding this meeting.

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