The Media Is Berating Trump For Being Insufficiently Aggressive — Why?
Michael Tracey

You’re certainly entitled to your own interpretation of Major Garrett’s motives, but it’s just that. Your interpretation. The facts do not support that interpretation.

It’s the journalists job to ask questions during press briefings. If the president were more capable, he could have clarified the context and mentioned the buildup of NATO forces in Eastern Europe. Explaining his actions and conveying a coherent world view is the president’s job, and he consistently fails at it. It’s not the journalist’s job. Are you seriously suggesting journalists should not be asking about a Russian ship off the US coast and the administration’s response?

You’ve also extrapolated from one reporter’s questions to smear the motives of the entire new media. In that, you do great service to Bannon and Trump and great disservice to liberal democracy and intellectual honesty.

In a less topsy-turvy world, conservative commentators would demand to know more information about the president’s dealings with Russia, and provocative actions by Russia would be at the very top of the conservative agenda. But, if I may ascribe motive to you just as you have done to others, you are so beholden to the Trump ideology that you have abandoned conservative principles and twisted the role of the media in a democracy. Your readers deserve better.

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