How to Make Boston Butt Steak with Brandy

Boston Butt or simply neck is the softest part of a pork. Other parts’ taste may be more intense, but this part will always be the softest even if your cooking skills are low. However, it doesn’t mean that Boston Butt Steak will not be tastefull. It can impress grill lovers and any one els who will ever try it. Only vegans may be not impressed. But who cares…
Lets summorise: if you are not a grill guru, but you whant to impress your mates, this manual is for you!

Boston Butt Steak

For this dish you will need:

  1. One garlic head per each two steaks*
  2. Half of tsp of black pepper
  3. Half of tsp of pink pepper
  4. Half of tsp of coriander seeds
  5. Few twigs of thyme
  6. 125 ml of brandy
  7. 50 grams of butter
  8. Good Boston Butt Steak

*all further measures are for two steaks as well

Ask your local butcher to prepare 25–20 mm thick steaks. They may have small leftovers of a backbone in the corner — it will not make result any worst. Very important to left 5–3 mm layer of fat on the outer side of a steak. On the picture below you can see perfect sample (you can even show this picture to your butcher). Some times in can be found in regular supermarket with good meat department. To give it perfect, cut fat layer each 10–15 mm all way long (as shown). Otherwise it will bend during cooking

A Perfect Cut of Boston Butt

Pour half of brandy in a glass and enjoy it while cooking. Peel thyme leaves out of twigs, mix it with salt and other spices and grind. Develop to a coarse grind only.

Clean steaks in a streaming cold water and dry with paper towels. Place it on a cutting board. Sprinkle half of grinded spices over one side of steaks. Now slap steaks to bump spices in. Then turn it and repeat from the other side. When both sides are covered with spices, place steaks to a deep plate. Sprinkle lefted 50 ml of brandy over the steaks (you think I will belive you pour in your glass only the half of it?). Let in rest for 5–10 minutes.

Cut garlic head across cloves. Sprinkle small pinch of sea salt on each cut and left garlic on plate to wait until we will needed it.

Heat up cast iron pan to semi high heat. Take a small piece of fat and grease all the pan. Make it quick to not let it smoke. When it is ready, place steaks on a pan. Remember: they need to be far from the pan sides approximately on steak thikness. Same distance needed to be provided between steaks. Otherwise they will start to stew. While they are developing press them each 10–15 mm all way long with your spatula (wooden is best for this case). You will feel soft fiber cracks. But don’t push too hard, you shouldn’t left any deep traces. Don’t move them or turn before one side will be developed.

When sides of the steaks will become white, try to look under the first one you place without turning it over completely. You need kind of ‘look under the carpet’. If it’s brown enough, turn it over. Once all steaks are turned, place small slices of butter on top of each steak and in between. When it will start to melt, place garlic on the pan with cuts down. Use your kitсhen brush to spread melted butter over the steaks. Keep spreading it whyle second side is developing. Garlic taste will come over the steaks together with butter. But don’t let it burn. Turn it over if neccesary. Use same method to look under the second side.

Use kitchen tongs to put steak on a side to develop fat. Then let steaks rest for 3–5 minutes before serving.

Let it rest!

Garnish with the garlic head and pinches of salt and pepper. Enjoy!

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