Not One Step Back!

“Not One Step Backwards!” — Order No. 227

The famous line of Order No. 227, issued by the Soviet High Command in July 28th, 1942. For a man to retreat is like signing your own death penalty. How about we apply this to life, minus the death penalty part? You see comrades, life is a tricky game, full of choices, like some freshly prepared blinis for breakfast. And all blinis will taste the same until you add some applesauce on it, you see, blinis is like life, add some applesauce and it will have a different flavor. Like life, you need to mix and experiment with everything you can grab on.

Life is a bastard to anyone, and only chooses whoever it favors of, and it can get to the part where it’s just too cruel. And did I forget to mention about how it can also be a great teacher? Experience, failures, disappointments, the clichés of life, without all of those, we will never get to the point on where we are now, or who we are now. Always, and always go forward. Do not stop! There are many things in this world that remains unseen by you, nor the humanity.

As long as we stay being not content, we will never perish. Notice how those great artist nor the inventors back to the renaissance age? Notice how all of their works are still widely known today? Notice how they’re got many professions? Many talents? It’s because they didn’t stop grabbing all of the opportunities that was thrown at them or like how the Fins managed to defend their land even if they knew the fact that they’re already overwhelmed by the sheer size and force of the Soviet Union? They proved that they can face it. They proved it to the world.

And so do you! Imagine what your life would be if you stop grabbing all of it. All the things that’s already in your reach. You will not advance right? That’s life for you. Always learn to accept and be open to new opportunities, learn to take risk, learn to take the chances. But also learn when to take and not to take it. Indeed life is too short to grab all the available chances, but play your cards right, and one is already far from good.

This my comrades, is what I learned this week, I cannot tell my story since if I do, it will end up repeating for next weeks story since most of my day, everyday, is always the usual routine. Always remember, you will always have what it takes to be the person you dream of.

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