You want some apples?

I love mangoes, especially the ripened ones, it always give me that really sweet and satisfying feeling every time I take a bite. Chewing it slowly to let the flavors out.

I developed my love for mangoes during my trip to Batangas when I was a child, a mere child that is curious to everything, but restrained with protectiveness of his parents.

I’m a simple child back then, I see the rotten outside of the mango, I don’t eat it. But that changed when one day, while I am busily picking and throwing random mangoes that I picked along the way, my grandfather shushed me.

And then he picked one up, opened it and showed me inside, and there shows a perfectly ripened mango, and of course he proceeded to ate it, I, curious at the time, took a bite also.

It tastes like soil. But hey, not all the part is soiled, most are clean and sweet. And by that day I learned something, that not all rotten outside, are rotten inside. Sometimes you just need to break it open to see what’s inside.

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