Careless Whisphers

“Alam naman natin na ang parusang kamatayan ay para lamang sa mga mahihirap na tao na walang kakayahang maipagtanggol sa kasong kanyang hinaharap” — Archie Bulan

It’s not a unusual issue nowadays, and it is not surprising also that many people anticipates this inhumane act. So why do they? Why do such atrocious act are awaited by many? Has the world gone mad? If so, are there anyone trying to prevent this uncertain turn of events?

Before I start my article, let this sink into your mind first, death penalty is not effective. According to the study of Do Executions Lower Homicide Rates? The Views of Leading Criminologists, “There is overwhelming consensus among America’s top criminologists that the empirical research conducted on the deterrence question fails to support the threat or use of the death penalty.” In a survey held in America, 78% of those surveyed said that having the death penalty in a state does not lower the murder rate.

It is also reported that 91% of respondents said politicians support the death penalty in order to appear tough on crime. Which might be the case also in our home soil, overseeing the fact that little to none fear factor are struck in the minds of murderers, rapist and many criminals out there. And most of all, our current justice system is flawed, during 2004, The Supreme Court of the Philippines admitted that for every 10 case of death penalty, 7 of it had errors. In the process of making justice in our nation, the Supreme Court doesn’t review the evidence that the lower court holds, instead, they check if the penalty doesn’t violate what was written in the constitution.

Anger drives us to bring back death penalty, no wonder. But killing the alleged, if not, proven suspect doesn’t help the traumatized family of the victim heal. And death penalty goes against the to the Commandments of God, it is surprising that for a highly religious nation, such act are widely accepted by many, accepting an immoral act.

A wrongfully executed person can’t be brought back to life, this type of system that our administration is trying to implement is a real risk. There is no solid evidence that death penalty can significantly lower down crime rates, how about solving poverty? Maybe it can help lower crime rate than shoving another reckless act that puts us in risk.

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