Old Hag

“In the stories about life after death, the soul often floats above the good-bye moment.” — Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Greetings, such a nice day to stroll isn’t it? Only if weren’t for the crackling bones and the persistent pain in our lower end back. But that’s the reward for all your hardwork and hardships during your youth, why? Because those pains indicates its time to take a rest and enjoy the rest of the remaining days.

We do not know why people are afraid on such phenomenon, often resisting and finding ways to overwhelm the foreseen event in which all of us will eventually experience, whether you signed up or not. It is part of the nature, some animals granted eternal life in this world because their lives are mostly compromised of boring cycle of eat-sleep-mate, but humans are special, they have limited time compared to other species? Why? Because we are supposed to make it worth the time during our existence in this world.

No such thing is being afraid in the natural event that we cannot alter, accepting it is what causes fear in it, some can’t just. Others tried to mask their oldness with use of careful techniques and others using surgeries, is getting old really that bad? Even if we are granted eternal youth and life, are you willing to live through and see the end of this world? There goes the saying “Only dead people have seen the end of war.” — Plato

Being old is nothing to be ashamed of, if I were you, I’ll just spend my rest of my days in a island somewhere, free from the stress of everyday life, the perks of being old indeed, or maybe spend it with my grandchildren and family.