Top 10 awesome scientists to follow on Twitter

Science is awesome, I mean really awesome.

As a musician I find it inspires a lot of ideas for sounds and atmospheres that often become songs.

And Twitter is pretty cool too. Follow me on Twitsville >>

A lot of big stories will break first on Twitter. Not only that you can often get a sense of who people really are based on what they tweet about and how they respond to others.

Put those two things together and you have… (in no particular order)

The Top 10 must-follow scientists on Twitter

There are plenty of other scientists out there but I’ve chosen ones that are public figures.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

One of the most skillful communicators of science we have. The man with the star ties and the mellifluous voice. Astrophysicist and student of Carl Sagan.

Lawrence Krauss

Cosmologist, quantum physicist. Science communicator.

Richard Dawkins

Evolutionary biologist and science educator.

Carolyn Porco

Planetary scientist. Team leader of the amazing Cassini mission.

Brian Cox

Science educator. Physicist. Part of the LHC project.

Bill Nye

The science guy. Engineer, global warming advocate.

Tim Berners-Lee

Computer scientist. The guy that invented the internet. No really.

Ben Goldacre

Doctor, speaks out about bad science. Statistics nerd.

Michio Kaku

Professional dreamer and quantum physicist.

Steven Pinker

Evolutionary Psychologist. Candidate for the most interesting person ever.

Special Mention

Oliver Sacks

No longer with the living but a great man with a wonderful body of work. Neurologist and author.

I hope these people inspire you as they do for me, to wonder to ponder and to create!

Let me know if you know of other scientists to follow on Twitter.

Originally published at on March 3, 2016.

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