The Root of Courage is Kindness


In business, there is a lot of talk about the importance of having confidence and finding the courage to use your “authentic” voice.

But what I have discovered is that for me, the root of my courage is actually kindness.

Mainly kindness for myself.

And for others.

Kindness allows me to step out onto the ledge and be more of myself.

Kindness also helps keep me tucked in and safe when I need to be.

Kindness strengthens my intuition so I can actually hear what’s not being said by others.

That’s where my true power is.

Kindness for myself supercedes my introversion, my shyness and any hesitation I might feel to do the work I was born to do.

It’s the net that catches me when I fall.

And it’s the wind that gets my creative sails flowing again, propelling me further along my path and takes me wherever I need to be.

Each day, I practice being kind to myself.

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