Anyone there?

I’m scared to be alone with my thoughts

There’s nothing in there.

Nothing to feel… Even at a time like this

How can i be so empty?

What i feared the most has finally engulfed my being

I can’t feel a thing… Not pain, not joy, not love or hate….. Nothing

Tears stream down

I’m not sure which well begot them

Pain or relief? Sadness or joy?

Can’t tell them apart anymore

They’ve become so closely knitted

I’m scared of the image in the mirror

Who have i become?

Who was i before this?

I feel heaviness and lightness simultaneously

My heart doesn’t know how to tell them apart

Can’t tell the difference anymore

Am I still human?

What’s humanity without feeling

What’s life when you can’t feel the miracle of living

What’s the essence when all your senses are shut down and you’re clueless as to how to awaken them because you can’t feel them shutdown?

How do you describe your problem when you can’t feel the problem?

How do you get help when you don’t feel helpless?..

One thing I’m sure is, there’s a life inside

Someone in chains, held behind bars

Someone waiting to be free

Someone within, screaming….

Help me!