You or I.

Nothing is ever exactly as dreamed.

So tell me, tell her, if unexpected is better

Tell him, in whispers, more than to the letter

Tell me, why futures should be fettered.

Tell me, why my ‘as it should be’-

Why is so much chaff

Why is ‘enough for me’

Too much,

Too little?

If there is more, et c’est ne pas comme il faut

What is worth countless facets and flaws

What is, and what is more, than a girl worth fighting for?

Where can me and mine, find our grail and more?

Have I chosen wisely, have I chosen poor?

Already, but only just nearing twenty-four.

Whether rich,

Whether poor,

Searching for, or serving cause, or looking for something more-

Third camp is where I fall.

Thirst forgive me my selfish want for more,

Knowing existence can only offer so much more,

God above, is this dream enough?

Asking for the much that existence in its greatest could never offer up.

Asking for wisdom, life and love,

Forgoing yet following custom and tradition,

How do you love a walking bag of contradiction?

Am I scattered, are you shattered.

Present, intentional, vulnerable.

I am trying and have tried to muster

Minute and moment, does your life fluster?

So much to say, I’ve forgot the plot, that life-

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