In supplication.

How many months gone? How many words exchanged? I’ll trade a few thousand more, just to ensure-

Memory retained.

Image framed.

Forget me. Forget me not.

Hoping to restore a flicker from before.

Help me, running out of words to sacrifice. Tell me, would streaming screens suffice?

This connection is cruel. Static captures silence between two. Too short to be real, shared moments stolen. Shivering from cold keys and a lukewarm fantasy, I’m afraid-

Desperate for your heat I wonder. Delusion: can you feel my hand?

Hover over screen, dismissing that I need sleep, my heart belongs to you to the point where it beats more for you than me, really what I mean is that my deprivation of you is more harmful than any other physical need.

I will wait for you.

Cries my whole. Choir of body, spirit, soul. How long, how long must I hold?

I cannot face this distance alone love.


Come home.

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