Ekkel, Exhale

Musing, Musing

Would my words forge steel

Hear silence as empires kneel

What then do truths reveal

Break ships from keel to keel

Drawn in breath

Came dawn till death

Draped in lies down to heel

Dusk down late lips now sealed

Jin su

Ngin su

Ka la su

I bind you in gold

I bind you in silver

Click Clack

Goes the contract

Swear no oaths

Make no pacts

Hold no grudges

Let that be that

Drop in dusk

Day is dawn

Make your meanings

If you must

Realism in Magic

Fact found Fiction

Meaning meanders

As Purpose Reason

Tenders of frustration

Tributes of salt

Whom would take

When Body balked

Waves of emotion

Weight of devotion

Sincere is Insincerity

Honour is Honesty

Cleave is both




Vulnerable communion

What a world

What a whirl

Such a shim

Such a song

In which shelf

Does Dichotomy belong