Flybox WiFi PreRegistration: How & Why

Red River! Hey! Glad to see you here! We’ve got some exciting news for you if you’re a resident who enjoys fast WiFi. We’re announcing a brand new service! Click HERE to skip this article and sign up immediately! :)

You’ve probably seen some Flybox WiFi ads, or window clings around town that look like this:

You may have had conversations with people about us, and you may have even tried out the service for yourself. For those of you who may not know what Flybox WiFi currently does I’ll give you a brief rundown.

We currently sell high speed mobile WiFi connectivity to anyone with a WiFi enabled device throughout most of Red River NM. The tens of thousands of visitors, professionals, executives, and 13yr old girls who NEED their internet access no longer have to reconsider their vacation plans to Red River; they have Flybox WiFi.

Here comes the super exciting part!

We are excited to announce that Flybox WiFi is now opening up our network for the residents in Red River! This means that you can get rid of your existing internet provider. Not only that — you now get to use the ENTIRE Flybox WiFi network! That’s included in your subscription! You can now roam around town, and still be on your “home” WiFi.. How cool is that?!

Here’s how our registration site works. You’ll notice that the mountains have price flags above them with a given number of “signups.” This is what it looks like:

Let’s look at the “30 Signups” flag. Notice that it has the price of $79.99. That’s your monthly price after we reach the 30 customer threshold. (We have to have 30 customers registered before we can install our expensive infrastructure!) Once that 30 signup number is met, then several things will happen simultaneously.

  1. The mountain turns to Flybox Orange to signify the goal being met!
  2. The customer’s credit cards on file will be charged the initial one-time setup fee of $80. That’s right. You’re not even charged until we’re lighting the fuse on this rocketship! :)
  3. Flybox WiFi begins to mobilize the crew, headed to your house for installations!

Also, notice how there are other flagged mountains at 50, 70, and 100 signups, all at lower prices that the previous. This is a transparent promise to the community of Red River that if you support Flybox WiFi, we will not only lower your cost of internet access, but we’ll also give it to you in the places you want to be. We’re cutting the cord, for you. As each threshold is met, the mountain lights up and the lower pricing is triggered for EVERY. SINGLE. CUSTOMER. That is all done immediately.

We recognized that in order for this to work to it’s full potential, you may want to see what the progress is — how far from the next threshold we may be. So, we built in a counter! It looks like this:

How the counter works is interesting in itself. Notice that my name is listed below the counter, but TWO have been counted? Here’s why-when you sign up for Flybox WiFi, you’ll be given an option to share your name, as I did — check that box. You’ll also be given an opportunity to share that you’ve joined Flybox WiFi via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you share your name, AND share on social using the buttons provided, then your name counts as two, and everyone is closer to getting better, faster, less expensive internet access!

All you have to do to sign up is fill in the info using this link:

Input your info in the area that looks like this:

Check the box that says “YES, list my name…” then click the “Next” button. The following page is where you’ll get to share via social.

That’s it! It’s that simple! When we reach the threshold of 30, then you’ll get an email, and we’ll schedule with you to install your service! Additionally, we’ll activate your mobile network service as quickly as we can talk to you on the phone! :)

Be sure to follow all of our social, including Snapchat (Snapcode below) for regular updates on thresholds and service!

Clickable social links → Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Please don’t hesitate to send us a message, tweet, or call at 800-Flybox-5 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We’re happy to talk to you, and we look forward to the conversation.

Our website is currently the only way to register for Flybox WiFi.

As promised, here’s our Snapcode! Just scan, save, or screenshot this image to add us on Snapchat!

Here’s a contest announcement for those of you still reading. Once we reach 5 signups, 10, and 25, we’ll pick one of you who will get immediately connected to our existing network! Be sure to share! The faster we reach 30 signups, the faster we all get better internet!

Have a great day, and THANK YOU for taking your time to read this.