The Hewlett Foundation’s TPA Team is now on Medium!

Hello, internet. 👋

The Transparency, Participation & Accountability team of the Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development & Population Program is testing out a six-month pilot of communicating more frequently, informally, and conversationally via regular updates on Medium.

Each year our team of four program officers and three program associates commit around $30 million in grants to organizations that help citizens use information to improve the quality of public services. (You can read our full strategy and our four sub-strategies here.)

We often hear two things from the organizations we fund and the organizations that would like to get to know us better. First, they’d like more visibility into what can feel like a black box of foundation grantmaking. How do we make decisions and define our goals? How do we learn? How do we assess progress? We’ll try to explain all of that through short — and hopefully entertaining — blog posts. Second, we hear from the organizations we fund that they’d like to learn more about the work of other grantee organizations. So we’ll also try to share more about the work of our partners through interviews, Twitter roundups like this one, and by highlighting compelling content that catches our eyes.

We’re committed to responding to your questions and comments, so do please let us know what you’d like to hear from us.

Hewlett Foundation TPA Team

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