omen like Dunham will continue to be heralded as the faces of feminism until Hollywood decides it is time to provide us with something else. My guess? It won’t be better — just different. Therefore, it is up to the movement itself to name its own leaders to the media. Just because Dunham is referred to as “everyone’s favorite feminist,” on a blog or in a magazine does not make it true. Just because she is pushed so heavily as the face of the feminist “brand” does not mean we need to accept it.
Lena Dunham Isn’t As Bad As We Want Her To Be, But God We Can Do Better
Katie Fustich

Cannot agree more. Just because she is referred to as everyone’s favorite Feminist doesn’t make it true. So many Hollywood youngsters are touting Feminists mantras without really understanding what the movement is all about or the history behind it. Most are only saying it because it makes them stand for something, when in fact they stand for nothing. If Lena doesn’t hide behind the Feminist brand, how can she justify getting naked at every chance she gets in Girls?

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