Don’t Fail at Writing — Join the Medium Writers Group

Collaborate with over 150 writers on Medium to make your work better and more visible

Update: The group is now closed. Thank you to all that participated!

Over the last few months, I’ve run a private group for Medium writers to submit their drafts to other writers who help edit and polish their work before it’s published. Then, once their work is published, we help promote it.

It’s a simple, fun, effective way for participants to increase readership and visibility. Plus it’s an opportunity to get take-it-or-leave it feedback on writing before the article goes live.

Interested in Joining? Here is how it works

  1. Writers submit their draft articles during the week via an online form. Drafts must be submitted by 11:59PM EST on Friday to be included in Monday’s email.
  2. On Monday, I’ll send an email with links to the draft articles that were submitted on Friday plus any newly published articles.
  3. Members can offer feedback until the following Sunday (approximately 9 days) on the newly submitted drafts by making notes on the articles. Bonus: when you make notes on an article, you also get credit at the bottom of the article for it!
  4. On Friday, I’ll resend Monday’s email to serve as a reminder to help out your fellow writers!
  5. Each Sunday, I’ll email all the draft article authors (who have had their articles as drafts for 9 days) and request that they start publishing their articles. Those newly-published articles will get included in Monday’s email (along with any new drafts submitted by Friday)so other writers can help promote the articles they enjoy.

Here is a great testimonial from one of our members:

I wanted to say one big THANK YOU! for great work and engagement in Medium writers group. I signed up because it sounded good, but started kinda reluctant, gave other people some feedback and a few recommendations here and there… but last week I submitted my first draft. I have received an outstanding feedback in terms of editing, formatting and other good suggestions. So this week when my post went live, I received more than 50 recommendations! It blew my mind (my personal record before that was 5). That is the real power of the group!

How to get started

  1. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to set up a Medium account. It only takes two minutes.
  2. Once you’ve done that, go to this form and input your name, email, and Medium URL so I can add you to the list.
  3. Next, read this article Writing | Medium to learn how to share your drafts on Medium for editing.
  4. If you have something in draft form to share with the group, submit it via this form. If you don’t have anything to share yet, no worries! Join the group and help your fellow writers out.
  5. That’s it! You’re ready to go. I’ll send you an email when the next writers email is ready.

Note: We only share articles that have been through the draft stage and edited by the group. Articles that have been previously published but have not been through the draft stages are not accepted. Once they are accepted and published on Medium, you can publish the article wherever you would like (e.g on a personal blog).

Group Editing Guidelines

  • Remember, this may be the first time someone is putting their work out there!
  • Don’t just do spelling/grammar, but really dig into the article. Is there something that could have been said better/ Could they “bleed” more in a certain spot and really get more attention?
  • Be honest with your feedback, but be constructive. As an example: If you think something isn’t good, don’t just say it isn’t good. Offer a suggested fix.
  • If something doesn’t sound right or is confusing in the article, please highlight and make a note on it.
  • Your notes on the article are private between you and the author unless the author decides to make them visible.
  • Authors can discuss any edits with the person leaving the comment.
  • Offer as much supportive feedback as you can. If you like something, comment on it!
  • Have a better idea for a title or sub-title to make the article more appealing? Make a suggestion!
  • Maybe you want to see more on a topic. Mention it!
  • As of now there is no particular topic or theme to the group, so feel free to write about whatever you want.
  • If you help edit an article, Medium will give you credit for helping with it once it the article is published. The more articles you comment on, the more credit you will receive.

Some of our writers had their posts get a ton of exposure and been picked up by various publications that have tens of thousands of followers. Ready to get started? Sign up here.

Want to help the group out more? Click the recommend button to get the group even more exposure!

Looking forward to seeing you in the group!