9 Similarities Between Babies & Business

Yes. Surprisingly what I’ve learned as an entreprenuer can be applied to raising my first child. Truthfully, I’ll always be learning how to properly take care of both, but this is what I’ve discovered so far.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. Finally made a video about it (’cause that’s the way I work). Can also read highlights below if you prefer.

Recently read somewhere that Wistia’s CEO, Chris Savage, commented on “running a new startup” with his wife. I said to myself “Seriously? Running a NEW startup WHILE you’re running your current business? Gotta be kidding?” Then you click and see it’s their new baby. This got me thinking.

I just had my first child born December 2015 (he is almost 5 months old now as of writing this). I’ve also been running my company, Your Local Studio (or the first iteration of it) since 2009.

I’ve noticed some similarities between the two. Coincedentaly I thought of this concept at about 1:30 AM one morning while feeding my screaming son. Whom I love dearly.

Without further adieu, here are my thoughts on how being an entrepreneur you can apply the same business lessons to being a new parent. Or visa versa.

9 similarities between babies & business:

  1. It will require lots of patience
  2. It will demand your full attention
  3. Good communication with your partner is essential
  4. Will keep you up at night
  5. Will need to schedule your day and be diligent
  6. Can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and do all the jobs
  7. It WILL be self sufficient one day (hopefully)
  8. It’s your opportunity to leave a legacy
  9. It’s a journey not a destination

Obviously, I have lots to still learn about both business and babies. A lot. But I’m up for the challenge.

Love to hear your thoughts about both.

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